My bridesmaids loved the bags!  Thank you for making a product that is not only classy and beautiful but that we can use all the time!! I am a huge fan of THE FLIP FLOP BITCH!!!! Thank you Sinful Cindy xoxo (see the bridal party here)
— Lisa McNamara, Podiatrist Office Manager

Before the summer I got a custom Bitch Bag from my son as a birthday present. The bag is pink with a nice preppy green stripe down the middle, kind of in the mold of a Vineyard Vines tote. I absolutely LOVE this bag. I would go to the beaches of Larchmont and Connecticut with it over the summer and everyone would stop me and ask me where I got it. I even get compliments at work in the halls of a High School that I work at in Westchester from fellow co-workers and even fashion crazed students. This bag is a big hit and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a new fresh bag (her son’s request for a preppy bag inspired our “Preppy Girl” – see tote here)
— Cheryl, Education Secretary

After months of looking at Facebook posts about the Flip Flop Bitch, I decided to order one and gave it to my girlfriend as a gift.  She instantly loved it!  She loved it even more because of the awesome packaging that it came in.  She loved the pattern and we were both highly impressed with the quality of the bag.  We will definitely be getting more in the future!
Dan, Structural Engineer

I am a Free Lancing Hair Stylist and I must say… The Flip Flop Bitch saves my life on a daily basis.  I have received so many compliments on the cool shape and color.  My best friend got married in September & loved mine so much she ordered it for all of her bridesmaids!
— Alyse Schiffman, Owner of Alyse B Salon

Bought the Flirty Zebra and whipped it out at a wedding. Didn’t have to traipse back to the coat check like every other female attendee that evening and wait on the longest line I ever saw. They missed the best music played that night!! Not me…I put my super cute ridiculously uncomfortable shoes in it and wore my equally adorable flats smiling from ear to ear. Eternally grateful. (see tote here)
— Janet, Custom Invitations at Papyrus

My girlfriend and I enjoyed a nice walk back to my NYC apartment at the end of an amazing night out. We came across a group of girls muttering in pain how they’d never wear heels again. She smiled at me, pointed to her bitch bag and winked…when we got back to my place…she put her heels back on… Thanks Flip Flop Bitch
— Pete, Fixed Income

Absolutely love the red sparkly tote for evening and will use it for day too. The gym animal print bag is so sturdy that I can carry both my sneakers and gym clothes/sweats. What a find!
— Dina Khader, Nutritionist

I love the bags from flip flop bitch! they’re light, stylish, and all around a killer accessory! They’ve made my club night out so much more comfortable!
— Candice, Photographer

This is my favorite new accessory!! My NYC office is a long walk from Port Authority, & I’m usually carrying so many things that my feet & shoulders are killing me by the time I get to work. The bag is super lightweight & allows me to store my heels while commuting so that my feet are ready for the day. Thank you Flip Flop Bitch for making such a high quality, multi-use bag!! I already have my eye on the custom Wedding Cake Cream color!
— Kate, Music Industry Marketing Rep

Can I say I LOVE!? These ladies are beyond fabulous, and so are their totes! I had the pleasure of working with them one on one to create a custom tote bag for my company, Laura Damiano Designs; black and white stripe with hot pink lining with the addition of a silk logo label on the front! Great quality, durability and machine washable! Not only do I use it for my shoe switch, but it’s a great bag for carrying my laptop! xoxo (see custom tote here)
— Laura Damiano, Custom Stationary & Company Branding

I absolutely love my new paisley bag!  Their bags are classy and beautifully made.  They have a variety of gorgeous prints to choose from and you can use this bag for just about anything.   I highly recommend getting one! (see tote here)
— Jackie Basli, Sales Assistant 

This bag came into my life at the best time! I just started a full-time job and it is the perfect solution to carrying my shoes to wear around the office, my lunch, and extra bottles of water! And then I can fold it up and store it in my desk for the day – what a great idea! Such a chic and fun way to use it! The contrasting pink fabric on the inside makes me smile every time!! It’s a great solution for us girls who don’t wear heels but need something cute to carry our every day essentials in! Thank you, Flip Flop Bitch! (see tote here)
— Allison Lerman Nelson, Guidance Counselor / Stylist for Stella & Dot


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